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a fundraiser for the HVS program from HVCA
APRIL 29 at 11am
Milford High School Little Theatre

All proceeds from the concert will benefit the Huron Valley Council for the Arts (HVCA) schools program which provides Apollo Center and all 2nd and 8th grade students in Huron Valley Schools with professional music and theatre performances at no cost to the school system.

Tickets $5 can be purchased here by clicking 'Add to Cart' or at the door


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Huron Valley Schools 2nd & 8th Grade Programming

With cuts to art enrichment programs throughout Michigan school districts HVCA is filling this void for the Huron Valley School district’s 2nd and 8th grade students. 

On an annual basis HVCA provides is exposing these children to the arts through its supplemental art enrichment programs. 

For example we presented, the Wild Swan Theater’s production of “The Ugly Duckling” (for all 2nd grade students – total of 800 students). The theater group’s resident playwright Jeff Duncan put his spin on Hans Christian Anderson’s tale of a homely little bird born in a barnyard, which is looked down on by everyone around him until, much to his delight (and surprise to others), he matures into a swan, the most beautiful bird of all.
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