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Our Vision



The mission of the HVCA is to enhance the cultural life of the region through programs that enrich and entertain, through arts education and through support of artists.


HVCA’s vision is to be the preeminent arts and cultural center in southeast Michigan, a center which improves and supports all aspects of the artistic life experience for all individuals.

Core Values

HVCA’s core values are guidelines that describe how we as an organization expect HVCA staff members and volunteers to conduct themselves.

·         Integrity We adhere to the highest levels of integrity, honesty and ethical behavior.

·         Leadership We look to our board of directors to be knowledgeable of HVCA operations, to demonstrate effective leadership and to employ good governance practices. We encourage staff initiative and leadership, and we strive to be a model nonprofit organization.

·         Leadership, Inspiration and Positive Change We maintain the authority to lead, the creativity to inspire, and the will to foster positive social change through the arts.

·         Collaboration We practice teamwork internally and work together with external partners in an open, cooperative and respectful manner to further foster and encourage the arts in all forms and mediums for all audiences.

·         Accountability We hold ourselves responsible for operating HVCA as a business, being fiscally responsible, adhering to ethical principles and maintaining professionalism in all endeavors.

·         Diversity We exist to serve the general and artistic community. We respect and welcome visitors, artists, volunteers, staff, sponsors and business and municipal partners of every religion, race and gender in the spirit of inclusiveness, while encouraging diversity of thought.

·         Volunteerism We maximize the participation of professional and highly competent volunteers to achieve our mission.

·         Value We provide effective, affordable arts programming that enriches our community.



Board of Directors

Gaylord Gill
Vice President
Ros Smith
Sylvia Ashton           
Lori Verbrugge
Denise Forrest
Loraine Lafferty
Richard McKee
Mary Ann Peters
Denise Tyler
Jeanne Koresky

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Mission Statement

HVCA is a regional center for arts and culture.  Based in western Oakland County, the council reaches out to all surrounding communities.  


We enhance the cultural life of the community through programs that enrich and entertain, through education in the arts, and through support of artists.   Our activities span all artistic and cultural dimensions, including music, performing arts, visual arts, film, story-telling, and poetry.





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