Denise Forrest

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For me, art and life are inseparable and mutually sustaining. Art can be called the perception and interpretation of the human experience bequeathed to us by the artist. Visual art is one form of creativity. Creativity is the ability to take and original idea and turn it into something tangible.

As a teacher of art, I aspire to nurture this creativity in children and to help each student recognize their connection to the world through art. As an artist, I also strive to nurture and recognize my own creative force. For the observers of art, I hope to open up minds and hearts to the tangible and intangible recognitions that art can bring to a person.

As an artist, I gain my greatest inspiration from nature. I take a visual image and intermingle it with my own inner vision. I reshape visual reality with the tools of my trade: paper, pencil, paint, dye and cloth.

With my hand dyed scarves, I explore the natural world by working with organic dyes both fresh and dried. I have long been intrigued with the wrapped and tied process of Japanese Shibori. The colors, while similar in hue are never quite the same. Each scarf is wrapped and dyed individually. Some scarves take several applications of color and manipulation. The scarves are my canvas and the dye pot my paint. No two scarves are exactly alike. Each scarf is created individually. After each dye application, I take great joy in deciding what the next step will be. It is this reciprocal process between nature and artist that informs and inspires my creations.

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