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SATURDAY, MAY 6, 2017 at 7:30pm

Dusty's real name is Lyman Paras Rhodes. A great name for an opera singer like his father, but not

for a folksinger! He started playing professionally in Michigan in the mid seventies and soon ran

into the Irish! They insisted that he learn some Irish folk songs and the people and their music

became his favorites. How the Irish love to sing, and Dusty loves a good sing-along. Dusty plays

guitar, banjo, flute, and harmonica as well as an Irish hand drum called the Bodhran (That's

pronounced Borum), but he is mainly a singer and entertainer filled with the joy and madness of

live music. Having played just about every bar in Southeastern Michigan over the last 40 years he

is now more or less retired and just plays for fun!

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