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Mary Neff

  Mary Neff Pottery
  Mary Neff Pottery
  Mary Neff Pottery

For me, ordinary, natural things become more attractive through the passage of time. Rusting iron, aging copper, peeling paint and weathering wood all represent a quiet, imperfect, and timeworn beauty that attracts my attention. The slow and soundless process of change is what I find irresistible and hope to embody in my work.

I have drawn inspiration from the places where I have lived or visited. Living in the Sonoran Desert, I was drawn to the landscape, but also to the hand-built pottery and weaving produced by the native people of that region. A trip to Italy made me fall in love with the exquisite and long-lost ruins of Pompeii. Japanese Zen gardens sparked an interest in the culture of Japan and the rustic simplicity evident in the Wabi Sabi aesthetic.

I prefer to build pots with slabs. I keep the forms simple and embellish the clay with texture using a slab roller. Extruded clay shapes and coils are pressed into the slabs, which are then cut and assembled into various vessels. The pots are finished with oxide washes, underglazes, patinas, and glazes. Some pots are fired more than once. I like the contrast between rough and smooth and matte and shiny surfaces. My pieces may or may not be functional.

Working in clay is a complete delight and I look forward to bringing to reality all of the pots that I see in my imagination.


Mary Neff

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