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The Art Shop is happy to feature a few guest artists for the holiday season in addition to the usual members (listed at left.) 
See below for some representative samples.

The Silver Loon


Kathy McMinn of the Basket Sampler



A Local Co-op Featuring Regional Artists


What is the Art Shop?
The Art Shop is a cooperative gallery composed of and managed by artists who are members of the Huron Valley Council for the Arts (HVCA).

Local artists created The Art Shop at HVCA in order to provide an ongoing, flexible venue to exhibit, develop, and advance their work. They also recognized the need to help support and raise funds for the HVCA while promoting innovative art as a vital and enriching part of the community.

Overview of Participating Artist Responsibilities

The Art Shop is a function of volunteer HVCA member artists, and the collection is constantly changing. Each artist takes turns working in the gallery (minimum 4 hours per month) and is actively involved with one of the support committees that manage day-today operations. 

Duties as a member also include meeting attendance as announced, dues/fees as voted by membership (currently $20 annually, plus HVCA membership,) presence at openings, and proactively fostering a strong arts community in the Huron Valley area. 

Artists set their own prices. All sales benefit HVCA (25% for active members; 40% for inactive members.)

 In addition to supplying a venue for the members to display and sell their work, The Art Shop at the HVCA provides an opportunity for professional networking, and seeks to represent 20 24 artists at any given time. 

When it dips below twenty members, a call for new members will go out. Membership applicants should possess high artistic merit and commitment to the creative and administrative aspects of running a non-profit alternative art venue.

For addtional details click and print the application to the right.

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