Charity Mendoza


Welcome to The Art Shop's newest artist!

My work is intuitive, using form, shape, texture and color to express my emotions and movement. My designs are a reflection of my love of nature, music and abstract arts. My style flows from formal Realism, using soft pastel and pencil for portraits, to non-objective and Abstract expressions using a wide array of colors, which are influences of living in South America.

My artwork is an expression of all elements of life that inspire me. In my artworks, I use soft pastels, pencils, watercolor, ink, acrylic paints and found objects, to develop the visual and textural aspects of my artwork. My non-objective and abstract paintings consist of surreal imagery and geometric compositional elements. In my paintings, I create texture and movement, by using various mediums and acrylics applied to the canvas with different tools including palate knives, found objects and even my hands. What I enjoy most about creating art, is that it can provide the viewer with a sense of emotion, a comfort or inspiration to the viewer, regardless of what emotion that may be.

In today's busy world; it is so necessary to enjoy the simple things in life. By looking at my pieces, I hope to evoke some of the emotion and passion that I weave into everything I create; bringing a sense of imagination to the viewer thatís unique to each individual.
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