Diane Woods

 I received my first 35mm Pentax camera for Christmas in 1975. That began a love of photography that has grown over the years.   After taking photography and darkroom classes at Oakland Community College I added extra lenses and filter systems to my equipment bag.  With my tripod and bag in tow, I set out on 'focus' trips.  I would spend a weekend shooting nothing but barns or fences or stone walls or ??  

When digital cameras came to the market I was hesitant to give up my trusty 35mm but I did eventually try digital.  I have had several different digital cameras and love the portability they offer.  I have had the opportunity to take some great vacations and usually end up with several hundred pictures to sort through when I return. 

I enjoy challenging myself by walking into the woods or putting myself in a place and then 'finding the picture' in my surroundings.  Looking closer at the objects and scenery that surrounds you opens your eyes and your mind to the beauty that is often overlooked. 

I feel lucky to have the opportunity to share my photos with others through the HVCA and other venues they are involved with.

Pictured above:

River’s Icy Edge This bridge is located under Wixom Road at the Proud Lake Recreation Area boat launch. I was using a new digital camera for this photo outing and was testing the ‘snow’ setting to adjust for the brightness of the white snow on the light meter.

Southern Shoreline UP This beach is on highway 134 between St. Ignace and DeTour, Michigan. The tall grass clumps scattered within the sandy beach shoreline adds dimension as the land curves back around Lake Huron.

Warming Glow Tucked up in the Smokey Mountains, this log cabin’s yellow glow makes you feel warm even in the midst of the heavy snowfall. With night time approaching the glow of this cabin caught my eye and seemed very inviting.



I also work with stained glass and have begun my own company called ‘db.creations’. I offer classes, do commission work and take on repair projects. My web site is located at www.dbcreations.co. I have a studio at my home where I teach my classes as well as create commissioned work and do repairs.
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