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15 for 15


Dear Friends and Partners:

For almost 20 years, the HVCA has been a leader in the Huron Valley community, providing concerts, dance, art classes, school programs, gallery exhibitions, senior and children programs and an artist co-op for our community.  

After some years in temporary quarters, the HVCA organization was privileged to receive a great offer from Highland Township.  In 2002 the facility at 205 West Livingston Road became available, and township officials gave us the opportunity to use a portion of the building to create our own regional art center.  With the help of gently-used office equipment we moved in and opened for business.

During our 15 years in the space, over 125,000 people have passed through our center to attend concerts, visit the gallery, take workshops, purchase beautiful art, or take a class. Thousands of hands have clapped, greeted friends, painted artworks, and tickled the piano keys in the pursuit of enjoying and learning about art.

Our building has recently been refurbished, receiving a fresh coat of paint, new carpeting and ceiling repairs.   Unfortunately, our equipment, furnishings and technology are showing their age. We are hoping to upgrade those items for the next 125,000 people to enjoy, and so we are launching a 15/15 campaign to complete the project to refresh and renew our space. Our goal is to raise $15,000 ($1,000 for each year in our center).

By having an updated space and a more pleasant atmosphere, we look forward to creating a “café like” experience.  Here artists, community members and families can come and enjoy a cup of coffee, use our free Wi-Fi, meet with friends, enjoy the artwork, come for a field trip or just relax in the space, listening to music or reading.  Having more (and hopefully new) faces using the Art Center means more people exposed to both our award-winning programming and the arts in general.

New technology in our Art Shop will allow us to move from paper receipts to a point-of-sale system, helping us provide more efficient sales, track inventory for our artists, and provide seamless accounting practices. New technology in our offices will give us more time and resources to put toward programming and laying the foundation for the next 20 years of service to Huron Valley.

As you review our plans for HVCA’s future, we hope you will consider a monetary donation in support of a vibrant place to work, play and dream. We look forward to your visit.

If you have any additional questions or would like to know more about monthly giving please don't hestitate to email me at or call directly at 248-889-8660.

Thank you,

Erin Sabo

Executive Director                                                               


Giving Levels


Friend $100+                      Patron $300+                      Partner $500+                    Leader $1,000+                 


Savant $2,500+                  Visionary $5,000+                             Legacy $10,000+


Here is Why You Should Support the HVCA!


The HVCA is an not for profit 501c3 with a big heart and a BIG mission. Annually we provide over 40 programs and events for free or at low cost to the region along with a free Art Center that hosts artists and Kids Club activities monthly. We are dedicated to making sure that each and every one of YOUR dollars counts: 

  • We reinvest 85% of revenue it receives back into the community through our arts programming and arts education
  • We provide access to arts education to 30,000 local students annually
  • We support and promote the depth and breadth of Michigan artists
  • We provide access to arts programming and arts education to over 100,000 annually in ourregion
  • We provide access to the arts to over 3,500 seniors annually in our region
We have NO local government funding, each and every dollar is raised through grants, donations and activities fees each year. 

The HVCA cannot accomplish its mission without YOU! Consider supporting your local Arts Center and our Arts For Life mission in the region! Your contribution is tax deductible and can even be done through an automated monthly donation to make a difference all year long. 

$25 could help a budding local artist be a part of our monthly gallery series

$50 could sponsor one of our FREE monthly Kids Club activities

$125 could sponsor FIVE seniors participation in our Seniors Exploring The Arts Program

$250 could sponsor FIVE 2nd grade classrooms' participation in our in school enrichment programming 

$500 could sponsor the ENTIRE Tunes for Tots Program that provides 300 at risk pre-schoolers to the wonders of music, theater and fine art

Become a Sustaining Monthly Contributor to the HVCA!

Donate one time below or call the HVCA today to find out how to become a sustaining monthly contributor. The process is safe, secure and easy. Sustaining members contribute a set amount by automated paypal payment. You select the monthly amount, as little as $10 a month, and we will get the process set up for you! 

Click the donate button below to donate a one time contribution today!


Other Ways to Support the HVCA



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