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Why Support the HVCA?


The HVCA is a not for profit 501c3 with a big mission. Annually we provide over 40 programs and events for free or at low cost to the region along with a free Art Center that hosts artists and multiple activities monthly. We are dedicated to making sure that each and every one of YOUR dollars counts: 

  • We reinvest 85% of revenue it receives back into the community through our arts programming and arts education
  • We provide access to arts education to 30,000 local students annually
  • We support and promote the depth and breadth of Michigan artists
  • We provide access to arts programming and arts education to over 100,000 annually in our region
  • We provide access to the arts to over 3,500 seniors annually in our region
We have NO local government funding, each and every dollar is raised through grants, donations and activities fees each year. 

Did you know that the CARES act has changed how you can deduct your donations to HVCA? Previously, charitable contributions could only be deducted if taxpayers itemized their deductions. However, this year, taxpayers who don't itemize deductions may take a charitable deduction of up to $300 for cash contributions made in 2020 to qualifying organizationsólike HVCA. The CARES Act also temporarily suspends limits on charitable contributions. There are also new rules regarding donations of goods and services, too. For all the details, visit this link: 


Giving Levels


Legacy $10,000+      Visionary $5,000+     Savant $2,500+

Leader $1,000+       Partner $500+         Patron $300+        Supportor $100+

We are very grateful for generous contributions in 2020 from the following donors:

Leaders: Vector Pipeline, Anonymous, David & Marilyn Epps,

Partners: Anonymous

Patrons: Cathy Catallo & Mark McAlpine

Supporters: Susan Gumpper, Georgia Bingham, Denise Forrest, Ros Smith, Bev Larsen, Gerald Czernel,  Kathryn McGrath, Barbara Weisenberg

Friends: Sylvia Ashton,  Dorothy Kane,  Nancy Coratti, Linda Onderko, Jane Easton, Tammy Ware, Ken Graning, Virginia Makkonen, Richard Russell Jr.,  Ezernel, Deloris Ruen, Judi Crawford, Pam  Dawson, Melissa Dashevich, Steve Haidet, Tim Davidson, Vanessa Robar, Jeanine Mitchell, Nancy Dediemar, Kate Utters, Nancy Krempa, Karen Wegienek, Mary Bajcz, Lee Julian, Mary Neff, Raymond Keeling,

Dan & Pat Parrish, Rich & Michaline Raczka, Laura Symons, Kroger, Barbara Muirhead, Juliann Ankley, Erin Hellebuyck, Diana Brown, Barbara Allison, Lynne Mossoian, Julie Booth, Al Raddi, Nakia Lemarbe, Denise Stefanick, Andrea Bronson, Janet Burr, Susan Gollon, Kelly Phillips, Kimberly Rose, Mary Clemens, Diane Woods, Sioux Trujillo, Joyce Sweeny, Deer Creek Studios, Joan Moore, Brian Fritz,

Kelly Danson, KK Sparks

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Become a Sustaining Monthly Contributor to the HVCA!

Donate one time below or call the HVCA today to find out how to become a sustaining monthly contributor. The process is safe, secure and easy. Sustaining members contribute a set amount by automated PayPal payment. You select the monthly amount, as little as $10 a month, and we will get the process set up for you! 

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The HVCA cannot accomplish its mission without YOU! Consider supporting your local Arts Center and our Arts For Life mission in the region! Your contribution is tax-deductible and can even be done through an automated monthly donation to make a difference all year long. 

$25 could help a budding local artist be a part of our monthly gallery series

$50 could sponsor a gallery opening

$100 could sponsor THREE or more deserving individuals to attend a VanGo tour  

$250 could sponsor FIVE 2nd grade classrooms' participation in our in-school enrichment programming 

$500 could sponsor the ENTIRE Tunes for Tots Program that provides 300 at-risk pre-schoolers to the wonders of music, theater and fine art

Other Ways to Support the HVCA



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