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HVCA features photography/polyscape exhibit ‘Portals’ 

Kalamazoo resident Hayden Simpson’s photography show, Portals, an award-winning exhibit of photography and polyscapes, is coming to Huron Valley Council for the Arts in October and November. 

A “meet the artist” reception will take place on Friday, Oct. 4 from 7-9 p.m. at HVCA, 205 W. Livingston Road, Highland. The exhibit will run from Wednesday, Oct. 2 through Saturday, Nov. 23. 

Simpson said of the exhibit, “The body of work Portals began as an explorative study into the interactions between multiple landscapes and how the 2-D relates to the 3-D. Polyscapes are combinations of different landscape forms that are intermingled with geometric shapes that break up the 2-D relationships to establish multiple planes. The aspect that I am so fascinated with is the possibility of stepping through one of these portals in one plane and suddenly being transported in our world. I have always been inspired by different cultures and how society maintains landscapes and what the possibility of those societies interacting would be like, to explore the possibility of transporting oneself from one plane to another.”

Exhibit images are 24 inches by 36 inches framed in a landscape format, he said, adding, “These 2-D digital photographic works will have been chosen because they highlight multiple landscape varieties as well as multiple cultural influences that contrast between the foreground and the background of the landscapes. The geometric intricacies of the images contrast with the other images.”

Simpson draws inspiration from the “intricacies between cultures and their environment and how that translates to the landscapes.” He added, “I feel a challenge to create photography into fine art. For so long, it has been deemed a lesser art form and I consider it a privilege to merge photography and fine art. My work is meant to transport individuals mentally from one plane to another, even for a brief moment.”

He’s earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography and Intermedia in the Gwen Frostic School of Art at Western Michigan University, and noted that his thesis work “captures individuals in a close up, raw, nature that exposes their physical appearance in essence of the actions and choices they have made throughout their lives.” His family and friends have greatly influenced his work, providing “the inspiration for series after series of work.

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