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SEPTEMBER: "Portraiture of Landscapes" by artist Bruce Foxworthy



Meet the artist on Friday, Sept. 7, from 7PM9PM 

Walled Lake artist G. Bruce Foxworthy describes his upcoming exhibit at Huron Valley Council for the Arts as “plein air originated paintings,” meaning his work’s concept and essence come from that field work.


He explained, “To me, if a painting is conceived in the field and its main essence is captured in the field, then it is a plein air regardless of what I do to round it out at home. Many famous artists, past and present, concur with that sentiment.”

Portraiture of Landscapes, plein air originated paintings by G. Bruce Foxworthy will be featured in a gallery reception on Friday, Sept. 7 at HVCA, 205 W. Livingston Road in Highland. Those attending will have the opportunity to meet the artist while enjoying light refreshments. Musician Diane Calhoun will play the piano at the reception. 

The exhibit consists of 31 paintings featuring two types of his “representational oil paintings,” which are either “pure nature, evoking a mood or a feeling of a moment in time with a landscape” or “humanity in nature, using architecture added to nature designed to tell a story in the viewer’s imagination.”


Foxworthy elaborated, “My work as an artist is a selfish indulgence. There is a wonderment about it that I cannot resist. I’ll come in sight of a pathway of any sort. Some leading line compelling a private conversation within me that is mine alone, where I linger in the contemplation of a fleeting moment. It could be new or remembered but whatever it is, it finds me where I live. It’s like a lover once and always unforgettable to me. I try my utmost to paint it faithfully because I don’t want it to leave me. In this endeavor I find myself most alive.”


He added, “If my paintings create places where someone can go and spend some time again and again to just get away from it all and relax, then that’s my pleasure.”


Portraiture of Landscapes, plein air originated paintings by G. Bruce Foxworthy will be in the HVCA gallery from Wednesday, Aug. 29 through Saturday, Sept. 29. Gallery hours are scheduled from 1-5 p.m. Wednesdays through Fridays and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays.


Written and submitted by Anne Seebaldt 

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OCTOBER: "Look Up: Characters from Nature" John Humphries


October 327 

Meet the artist on Friday, October 5, from 7PM9PM

Artist's Statement: 
Drawings can be of any material they preference the materials and tools. John Humphries works in watercolor and ceramics. Drawings have two dimensions. Or, could have three if we add depth to the plane: it is not impossible. Space has three dimensions. Or, could have four if we dared to add a story, a narrative, or memory: it is not impossible. 

In order to convey a more complete image of a complex shifting situation the artist borrows from the Beaux-Arts tradition of analytique drawings which simultaneously included perspectival, orthographic, and conceptual images at various scales within the picture frame. These conceptually framed drawings contain a potential broader than things made to communicate design decisions. It is a mode which can consider intentions and attitudes, literal aspects and abstract thoughts, complexities and contradictions, fantasies and intricate relationships, along with fragmented notions. While the process of drawing can be both tangible and speculative, it is the speculative nature that can provide a significant contribution to the process of making. Without the firmness required of representing an object, one can investigate tectonic ideas of space, narrative, texture, order (and disorder), connection, human passage, and material. Through this ambiguity a drawing can transform a notion, idea, or concept and allow for one concept to connect to another. By embracing the conceptual nature of representation the author has begun to slowly develop a body of work which translates common objects from nature into a complex watercolor drawing to understand the elements which are kept and things lost in translation. The drawings utilize themes and organizational devices from landscapes, historical narratives, and built environments. 

A recent series of watercolour drawings (Cloud Constellations, exhibited at The Cage Gallery, Ohio) focusing on clouds used the following process: 
The background layer (dots and lines) uses facial recognition and fingerprint identification technologies to generate points in the pattern of a cloud. The second layer consists of quick gestures capturing the profile of the clouds. Followed by watercolour and wooden elements depicting meteorological data. The last, wool is used to represent (with whimsey) soft-fluffy clouds stitched to the other information. All interconnected into a constellation of clouds. 

Perhaps an equivalent analogy of transformation might be of industrial food production, where nearly inedible field corn can become ethanol, xanthan gum, acoustical ceiling tiles, or chicken nuggets. 

The artistic and nutritional values of these processes are yet to be evaluated by the FDA.

Masters of Architecture + Fine Arts 
University of Texas, Arlington 

Certified Master Gardener 
Ohio Natural Resources Council 

Invited Professor 
University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, CZ 

Hambidge Center for Arts and Science 
Rabun Gap, Georgia. 
Virginia Center for Creative Arts 
Amherst, Virginia. 
Fondazzjoni entru gall-Kreattività St. James Cavalier 
Valletta, Malta. 
Woodstock/Byrdcliff Guild 
Woodstock, New York. 

Work/teaching experience 
Associate Professor Miami University, Oxford, Ohio 
Architecture+Interior Design 
College of Creative Arts 
Interactive Media Studies 

Owner of Ranch Ohio Art, Cincinnati, Ohio 
Web commerce art site 

Core Competencies 
Hand-building and wheel 
Photographic modification 
Digital fabrication 
Tree grafting 
Water gardens 

Selected Awards 
Amy Ringholz Award 

Access for artist disabilities Ohio Arts Council 

Best in Show, 
44th Annual Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibition, 
Evergreen, CO. 

'First Place,' Golden Ticket Competition. 
Clifton Cultural Arts Center, 
Cincinnati, OH. 

Observational Excellence Award, for International Architecture in Perspective Competition. ASAI (American Society of Architectural Illustrators), Baltimore, MD. 

First Place: Award for Creative Scholarship in Design. 
Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC), 
Baltimore, MD. 

'Juror's Choice,' International Architecture in Perspective Competition. ASAI 
(American Society of Architectural 

'Best in Show,' Golden Ticket Competition. 
Clifton Cultural Arts Center, 
Cincinnati, OH. 

'Representation Award,' Art Inter/National, Here and Abroad, Box Heart, Gallery, 
Pittsburgh, PA. 

Citation of Merit for Creative Scholarship in Art. Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC), Atlanta, GA. 

Selected exhibitions-current 
Watercolour Drawings Abstracted from the Natural World Morris Graves Museum of Art, 
Eureka, CA. Forthcoming Solo Show 

Drawings and Data The Rosewood Gallery 
Kettering, OH. Forthcoming Solo Show 

Drawn from Nature, Emporium Center, 
Knoxville, TN. Forthcoming Solo Show 

Abstractions of the Natural World, McLean County Arts Center, 
Bloomington, IL. Forthcoming Solo Show 

44th Annual Rocky Mountain National Water media Exhibition 
Evergreen, CO. 

International Watermedia 2017, Pikes Peak Watercolor Society, 
Colorado Springs, CO. 

Five Points Biennial, Five Points Gallery, 
Torrington, CT 

Contemporary Abstraction, CORE:New Art Space, 
Denver, CO. 

Back to the Garden, Ciel Gallery, 
Charlotte, NC. 

Anything Goes, Rhode Island Watercolor Society, 
Pawtucket, RI. 

'Looking up Triq id-Dejqa,' 
Fondazzjoni entru gall-Kreattività St. James Cavalier, 
Valletta, Malta. 

Living Stone, 
Galerie Ladislava Sutnara. Riegrova 11, 
Plze, Czech Republic. 

Paper Drawn All the Way to Pixels, 
Box Heart Gallery, 
Pittsburgh, PA. 

'Drawn from the Page: Drawn from Winter,' 
Clifton Cultural Arts Center, 
Cincinnati, OH. 

'Drawn from No-Thing,' 
Prairie Center of Arts. Warehouse Gallery One, Peoria, IL. 

'Last of the Year for Cincinnati: Charles Harper, Edie Harper, John Humphries' 
Phyllis Weston Gallery, 
Cincinnati, OH. 

'Visualizing Architectural Design Exhibition, 
Pola Museum, 
Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. 

'2011 Gala: Exhibition of small paintings. 
Bradford Gallery, 
Atlanta, GA. 

'Architecture as Art,' 
The Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH. 

Domino02: aqua, 
Milan, Italy. 

'Vanguard of Six,' 
Phyllis Weston Gallery, 
Cincinnati, OH. 

'Transformation of Pelops,' 
The Rosewood Gallery, 
Kettering, OH. 

'Pelops and Transformation,' 
2nd Workshop on Architecture and Social Architecture. The European Institute for Advanced Studies, 
Brussels, Belgium 

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