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BUGS AMONG US: Macro Photography by Joseph Ferraro. February 6–April 3, 2021


Virtual Events and In-Person Visits

Saturday, February 6, 2021 - 9 am: Bugs Among Us   
February 13, 2021 at 10:00 am -  Facebook Live Valentine's Day special- Featuring matted prints of Joseph's work along with The Art Shop artists.  
March 1, 2021 at noon - Instagram Live Interview. The interview will talk about what bugs and Joseph does in the winter and what they both do to survive. 
March 13, 2021 at 7:00 pm-8:00pm-  Zoom Artist Talk. This zoom event is for Q & A about Joseph's work and studio practice, hosted by Sioux Trujillo. Sign up here to attend Joseph's final event in this series.

Due to precautions during the pandemic, the Gallery may be visited by appointment. You may schedule in advance or simply call ahead to make sure that the center is open and that we are within the safe range of visitors. 248-889-8660. We sincerely hope that you will come in to see Joseph's incredible work in person.  

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Meet the Artist

2021 Bio:
Joseph is a conservation macro photographer taking the naturalist’s path, documenting native pollinators and other invertebrates. 

By photographing portraits of his subjects in their surroundings while capturing their beauty, he emphasizes the importance of these creatures to our lives and the dangers they face, and seeks to inspire the viewer to take a closer look at the complex world around us. Following the credo "Do no harm," he can be glimpsed exploring everything from backyards to communal gardens with camera in hand, photographing the many creatures he encounters.

2021 Statement:

To me, the little things matter

You see, I am a nature photographer obsessed with bugs. I fell in love with these often overlooked, shunned, or feared tiny creatures that surround us in our daily lives while searching for new inspiration in my life and work. The more I photographed them, the more i wanted to see and learn about this world that I had not explored since my childhood, full of wonder and curiosity. 

As I started sharing my new macro photography of insects, spiders, and other invertebrates, I realized most people had an ingrained fear or disgust of these creatures, but there were also fascinated and often captivated by the view that they had never seen of these creatures with their own eyes. Sharing this work allows me to start dialogs about native pollinator conservation, stopping pesticide use, and the importance of these creatures in our world. 

I approach photographing these tiny creatures by studying and applying traditional portrait photography techniques and lighting, but at a much smaller scale since most of my subjects are under 1/2 inch. I wanted the portraits of these creatures to have a familiarity to the viewer. I developed a process early on in this macro work to be able to print direct onto birch panels. Printing this work on the wood panels helped raise the esthetics beyond what most would document or display. 

I photograph my subjects using my camera hand held, which give me freedom of moment to follow my rapidly moving subjects, and always keep to my ethos of do no harm, which includes not posing, staging, or baiting the subjects I photograph. I want to showcase these creatures in their natural environments as I find them.

What inspires Joseph?

I am inspired by the creatures around us, and the diversity of life that can be found in a simply patch of plants, or under a fallen log. The things that most people walk by daily and never stop to investigate further.

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