Isabel Tunstad Glendinning


Medium: Gouache on paper.

Artist's Statement 

Art is a gift that should be shared, along with humor ... something I hope comes through in my recent artworks. "Whimsical" may describe the illustrations I create. Horses have featured in my life since early childhood through creating numerous artistic renditions. 

As a Michigan Resident since 1995, and living in Palm Harbor, Florida since 2010 during winter, I continue working with horses along with continuing capturing their imagery through mixed art media. 

All this goes along with being able to help others enjoy the spirit of horses through sharing equestrian activities.

~Isabel Tunstad Glendinning

Artist Biography 


Formal training in art ensued after my acceptance to the Foundation Course in Art & Design at the School of Art, a part of the Cambridge College of Arts and Technology, in Cambridge England. Collectively, I continued with further related studies after completing the Art Course. Thereon continuing in pursuit of life's adventures, I ended up in Iowa, USA for a few years. Upon returning to England awhile, I added a Certificate in Stud and Stable Husbandry from Worcestershire College of Agriculture in Herefordshire ... focus on Thoroughbred Horse Farm Procedures. Horses continued to feature in my life by continuing to do artwork commissions, and training various horses for individuals who needed assistance with namely challenging horses with various dispositions. 


Years transpired into my joining the Iowa Army National Guard as a Graphics Specialist, and as a Photojournalist in the Public Affairs Detachment. Subsequently, transferring over to the Air National Guard inherently fulfilled a propensity for adventurous pursuits as a Visual Information Specialist. 

After graduating from Drake University in Des Moines, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication, I acquired a dream job as a Technical Illustrator with Chrysler Corporation at the Technology Center in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Along with that, I proceeded to join the Oakland County Sheriff as a Mounted Unit Deputy (Part-Time) along with my beautiful Thoroughbred horse, "Call Me Lightning"... the horses wear a badge too!


After further Post Master's studies in Adult Education at the Department of Education, Oakland University in Rochester. I continued teaching horseback riding and training horses in conjunction with all this, above all,  continued with photographing, painting, and drawing horses.

Arthritis slowed me down to the point whereby I resigned from the Sheriff Dept. Mounted Unit, exercised the opportunity of a Special Early Retirement from Chrysler, and proceeded to sell my farm in Michigan. 

To date, thanks to the endless support and tenacity of the amazing significant person in my life, I stand armed with two new titanium hips due to technology and a great surgeon. This, in turn, allows me to continue working with horses along with capturing their imagery on paper and canvas. All this goes along with being able to help others enjoy the spirit of horses through sharing equestrian activities.

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