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Fred Lauck


Fred Lauck   Fred Lauck (Photo: Bill Bresler |


Children of the Greatest Generation… 2011

Wealth Power Politics Jesus… 2012

Fightin’ Irish of Detroit, Fightin’ in the Streets, Fightin’ in the Courts… 2017

 Frederick W. Lauck, author and long time trial lawyer, was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan... a Motown child of Greatest Generation parents. He graduated from St. Scholastica Grade School,  and Detroit Catholic Central High School. After attending the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, New Mexico and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Fred transferred to the University of Detroit on an NCAA football scholarship, finishing  cum laude, with a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Chemistry and Philosophy. Graduated the University of Detroit Law School in 1969. ....Currently residing in Milford has authored 3 books and published many articles…

2017 - The Fightin’ Irish of Detroit, Fightin’ in the Streets… Fighting’ in the Courts (An American Story)

 A documentary told in the best tradition of Irish storytelling. Fred's documentary starts with the "flight of the starving Irish" seeking "sanctuary" from Ireland's Great Potato Famine of the mid 1850s. Four generations and 100 years later, Fred's documentary takes us on a entertaining and dramatic tour through the Detroit's legal landscape as we visit "Courtrooms and Barrooms" and spend time with everyone from Detroit's "elite" to Detroit's murderous gang members. Fred finishes up with "a flurry of Fightin' Irish uppercuts" as he pulls back the curtain and exposes the American Oligarchs and other Wizard of Oz establishment figures. In between Fred introduces us to all manner of colorful characters from Wall Streeters to Street fighters, from CEOs to Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn look-alikes, from Hall of Famers to Hall of Shamers, from legit entrepreneurs to "blind pig" operators, from President Lincoln to President Trump and from Mona Lisa's to Mad Hatters. As Michigan's long-time Supreme Court Justice says, "If you like drama and entertainment, Fred's book has your name on it."

2011 - Children of the Greatest Generation  - The Children of the Greatest Generation is a Story Dictionary. Turn to any chapter or any page and you land in the middle of an entertaining story... a story where you will see yourself, someone you know now or someone you once knew when. Just open the book up to any page, and step on the author's magic carpet of words and photos, and be transported through the compelling "Lives and Times'' of that most fortunate generation – the Children of the Greatest Generation.

 2012 - Wealth Power Politics Jesus - The book takes on the "always reoccurring", historical, political, and religious "topics of today" and measures those topics against the 2,000 year-old message of the "revolutionary" Jesus of Nazareth

Deborah Stevens


Deborah StevensBio Deborah Stevens  author - Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155, United States

Deborah Stevens lives in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, with her husband. A native of Detroit, Michigan, She grew up in a family where she often heard Italian and Russian spoken.

Stevens majored in interior design at Michigan State University. Her interest in the arts and to detail is evident in her work: from famous paintings to architectural descriptions to intriguing but little known facts. Deborah has traveled extensively to Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean, and has a soft spot for her ancestral home of Italy.

Author’s Books:

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00036] In The Serpent’s Disciple, a conspiracy thriller, an ancient evil threatens to take over the Catholic Church and use it to create a New World Order. Peter Romanus, the Grand Master of the secret masonic order known as Propaganda Due, sets in motion the plot to kill the pope and control major world governments through the Church.

A family secret and an ancient artifact could save humankind from this diabolical leader many fear is the Antichrist. While visiting their father’s birthplace of Pesaro, Italy, the lives of Anthony and Nelli Andruccioli become entwined with the Grand Master’s plot. They learn of their family’s deep and ancient connection to Saint Anthony and that they are called to protect the Church: Nelli as the Chosen One and Anthony as one of the Guardians sworn to protect her from the false prophet. Together they must navigate the labyrinth of ancient prophecy and Vatican politics to expose the truth before it is too late. Barricades surround St. Peter’s Basilica and the scene of a gruesome murder. Alonso Garibaldi Poggiani head of Vatican Bank is dead. This, along with the unprecedented election of the first Jesuit Pope, many inside the Vatican wonder if their suspicions are coming true. A code of instructions found in an ancient document, known as the Monita Secreta, outline the methods to increase the Jesuits power around the world but repeatedly deny its existence.

Cardinal McKenna calls his friend Anthony Andruccioli asking him to help find out who killed the banker. But, even more troubling is the question could the Pope be involved somehow. Anthony joins forces with the beautiful Christine and they become aware of another powerful group with international connections and must figure out who is the real enemy.

Now having completed the sequel to The Serpent’s Disciple, she is working on the third book in the series. She has plans for others with at least one being a non-fiction book about secrets inside the Vatican.

“A family secret, an ancient artifact could save humankind from a diabolical leader many fear is the Antichrist.  In this conspiracy thriller, an ancient evil threatens to take over the Catholic church and use it to upset the world order.  Peter Romanus, the Grand Master of the secret masonic order known as Propaganda Due has set in motion the final stages of his plot to kill the pope and control major world governments through the Church.”

Creative Writing Group

Creative Writing Group meets once a month at Huron Valley Council for the Arts, from 7-9 p.m. the second Thursday of each month. 

It is a collaborative group; each member brings copies of something he or she has written to be critiqued in an respectful and encouraging environment. 
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