Mickey Eldridge


 "Creating beautiful, unique fabric art feeds my soul and keeps me in touch with what really matters: peacefulness and joy. It reminds me to slow down and take time to enjoy the process and the natural world around me.

I love all kinds of art, but especially fiber art with all its textures and unique properties. Growing up I learned to sew, knit, and quilt from my very talented Mother and sister. In that era, everything we created had to be practical and was not considered art. Only later did I learn to appreciate how beautiful all the pieces we made really were and what love and care went into every stitch. This led me to embrace the traditional skills Id learned as a child.

Today, I focus on felting, quilting, knitting and embroidery. I tend to be very practical, so I enjoy creating pieces that are functional. My current favorite is boiled wool mittens, which are designed from my own pattern. I specialize in giving each pair its own unique finishing touches by hand.

As for the materials I use, I was taught as a child to utilize repurposed fibers; new was not an option. Today's trend to use eco-friendly materials is the natural creative boundaries I am comfortable to work within. I am proud to share my products and skills of these long lost traditional arts."

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