Pam Kilbarger


Meet The Art Shop's newest designer


Understanding the therapeutic nature of beauty in all its forms, this artist seeks to inspire through a variety of medium. Influenced by a strong background in Fine Art and schooled in Interior Design. The offerings may vary from Stationary, Attainable Limited Edition Signed and numbered Work to Home Goods. The emphasis being on beauty one can live with and draw inspiration from daily.

Digital Photography, a favored medium, takes a purest approach. Little to no manipulation. Sometimes softened or abstracted to give a soothing dreamlike feeling. Represented in small framed works suitable for cubicals, hospital rooms, dorm rooms, corporate party favors, desks, bookshelves, weddings, fund raising, etc....Also available as larger framed works and Greeting Cards.

Always exploring other medium as well, may take the shape fo digital graphics in gift cards, pillows, holiday decor, celebration garland. A wish to inspire contentment and well being thru visual stimulus is the thread of continuity across all medium.

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