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Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) Grant Awarded

HVCA Receives Significant Grant


We recently got notification that HVCA has been awarded a grant of $15,000 from the State of Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA).  A component of this award comes from federal funds provided to MCACA by the National Endowment for the Arts.  The grant was awarded through the MCACA peer review process, and ours was one of 659 applications competing for funding during MCACA’s 2019-20 fiscal year.


The grant monies are designated for operational support, so we are allowed to apply the funds to overhead expenses which may not be covered by other income sources targeted toward particular programs.  While MCACA’s grant is the largest single award we have received to date, we expect it to offset only about 15% of HVCA’s annual expenses, so we continue to rely on sources such as sponsorships, fundraisers, membership dues and sales in order to bring our arts offerings to the community.


A complete list of grant awards around the state is available by contacting MCACA at 517-241-4011, or by visiting their website at www.michigan.gov/arts


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Huron Valley Educational Foundation Grant

Arts for Life (Georgia Bingham / HVCA) 
The HVEF has supported the HVCA's Arts for Life Program for many, many years.  We could not continue to provide the programming we do for your students without the HVEF's support.  For over 15 years we have provided the American Roots Program for all 8th graders in the HVS district.  In addition, it's our mission to continue to bring a live theater program to each 2nd grader.  For the past 8 or so years, we've worked hard to bring a live music/puppet/ interactive program to all Apollo Preschoolers.

Denise Forrest (left) presents award to Georgia Bingham, HVCA

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