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Tunes for Tots Programming

Tunes for Tots is an educational outreach program designed to introduce three and four year olds to music, theatre and the fine arts. 

Each year this program targets approximately 300 “at risk” students from the cities and townships of Commerce, Highland, Milford, and White Lake. These students are identified as “high risk” because of income, academic risk, or certified disabilities. 

Tunes for Tots is offered as a collaborative endeavor with the Apollo Center in Highland, providing HVCA with a perfect venue to bring music/theatre and art experiences to children who generally are not exposed to this type of programming. This program meets the needs of the Apollo Center because it does not have a formal art/music program, but has the ability to bring together all of the school district’s Title 1, Head Start, Schools at Risk and Pal preschoolers into one facility. 

Tunes for Tots features music, puppetry, storytelling, magic, musical shows and a creative interactive celebration of reading.
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