Valerie Schoen

Like a lot of people – I learned to knit from my mom when I was about 8 – 10 years old . . . The first project was probably a pair of blue mittens. The second project was a shawl for my mom – but I think it took 2 years to make! Luckily I have speeded up since then!

My current knitting obsession developed when I discovered this wonderfully soft Homespun yarn – and it was machine washable!! After the entire family was well supplied with scarves, I had to find something else to make. I had seen shrugs on knitting shows, but no patterns that were as non-structured as I wanted.
Sooooo – I just started knitting. . . I developed my own pattern – and the items are stacking up. I find knitting to be calming, annoying (when having to UNKNIT), and totally addictive. I just play . . . but somehow I get something pretty out of it – It’s a nice surprise!
I want to continue to build on my “repertoire”, but in the meantime, I lose myself in whatever stitch I happen to be involved in – and go with it.


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