Wax & Paper

Highland Station House Gallery, 205 W. Livingston Rd., Highland MI 48357

February 28 – March 29, 2018

Opening Reception: March 2, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Wax in the D is pleased to present “Wax & Paper”, an exhibition of encaustic art curated by visual artist Candace Law. The show features an exciting range of artwork where encaustic (hot wax) and paper have come into contact and produced a creative expression. The techniques used include encaustic collagraph and monotype printing, collage, image transfer, and encaustic painting on paper.

“Encaustic is a wonderful medium that is being discovered by artists in increasing numbers,” according to the exhibition’s curator Candace Law. “Or, rather, re-discovered, because it actually dates back to ancient Greece. Wax was used to waterproof their ships, as well as by artisans, and it has been in and out of favor in fine art through the centuries since. More recently, it was artist Jasper Johns who helped bring encaustic onto the contemporary art scene in the heyday of the Abstract Expressionists.”

“In its simplest form, encaustic is a combination of beeswax, a little damar resin, and pigment,” Law explained. “The mixture is brought to a molten state and applied typically with a brush to a rigid surface while still liquid. Once it has cooled, this top surface is reheated so the wax melts into the layers beneath. It is this layering that gives an encaustic piece its unique depth and luminosity, as well as allowing for interleaving other materials that make it so versatile. People are taken with the visual beauty it produces, the lovely smell of the wax, and the very tactile feel of the surface.”

“My goal in curating this exhibition is to promote a growing awareness of encaustic and to showcase artists who are successfully expanding their vision and their craft by pursuing this challenging art form,” added Law. “In an era of rapidly changing technology—where so many things are not permanent—working with a process that connects me to artists from millennia past grounds me as an artist and has made me a champion for the medium”.

“Wax in the D” is a group of Detroit-area artists who come together to explore this wonderful medium, hone their craft, and support each other to push their creative boundaries. Visit WaxintheD.com for more information.

Candace Law is a full time artist in the Detroit area. After receiving degrees and working in other fields, she earned a BFA in Architectural Illustration, but found herself drawn to fine art. Her current body of work focuses on encaustic and mixed media, especially incorporating found objects. Exhibits include several solo shows as well as numerous regional and national exhibitions—both invitational and juried competitions. Her work has appeared in Encaustic Arts magazine and is in a number of private collections, including at Detroit’s Historic Trinity Church. Law teaches encaustic workshops and works from her studio in Berkley, Michigan. Visit CandaceLaw.com to see examples of her work.

Exhibition image: “Untitled 1” by Rosemary Lee (Encaustic collagraph)

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