Jeff Miller


Wood Artist

Jeff Miller enjoys taking native and exotic woods and transforming them into segmented bowls and vessels. He normally allows the natural grain pattern and coloring of the woods to determine the design elements. Jeff is also working with acrylics when designing writing instruments.

I began to be interested in woodturning in 2007 after receiving a well-used lathe from my father. Creating small bowls from firewood logs at first was challenging, but left a desire to take on projects that required a higher level of accuracy. I began looking for a method of assembling wood that would be visually stimulating without requiring the use of paint or stain. The art of segmentation was the avenue to accomplishing my goal.

Segmenting can be described as taking wood boards, cutting them into little pieces, and regluing them back together in selected patterns. Most segmenting works are done with both domestic and exotic woods to obtain the various colors needed to create patterns for the feature elements. Grain direction and grain pattern also play a large role in obtaining the desired outcome. After the pieces are glued back together, the assembly is machined by hand on a lathe to get the desired shape. I do segmenting in two basic ways- closed segmenting (no air gaps between segments) and open segmenting (with air gaps between segments). Open segmenting is more advanced, and creates a “wow” factor when seeing it for the first time.

I have also started to work with acrylics, creating fine writing instruments. I plan on incorporating some acrylic into my bowl designs, to combine these two elements. This will open up opportunities for designs and styles that could not be done with just one medium.  

American Association of Woodturners
Segmented Woodturners Chapter of the AAW
International Association of Penturners

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg Tennessee, Segmented Woodturners Symposium, 2010
Self-taught since 2007

2012, Fowlerville Family Fair, First Premium, Woodturning
2012, Fowlerville Family Fair, Second Place, Woodturning

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